Patriot Power Greens : There has always been a straight line in between veggies and non-veg under the name of having a good diet. But no one knows which is better as both are full of fibers, rich minerals, proteins, and what not.

In the fight like this particular one, many products and food items come all the way long to deliver the best under one name.

Likewise, Patriot Power Greens is the name of food products purely made from veggies, fresh fruits, antibiotics, probiotics, and digestive support enzymes. It is a tasteful and healthy drink which has a healthy and quick response to the inflammation.

In the sun burning days, we all get dehydrated and need to refill our energy level by consuming water. Mere a pure is good but in the case of dehydrated which caused inflammation just water is not enough.

Patriot power greens play a vital role in fulfilling our need to improve the immune system by normalizing the inflammation.  It helps in streamlining the blood vessels inside the arteries which get clotted due to infection.

It is 100% organic product made of natural ingredients which are free from any kind of artificial flavors and chemicals.

It is more a booster than a simple supplement which detoxes the body and recovers for endurance, energy, and vitality.

2. Patriot Power Greens Ingredients

All the food supplements and stabilizers which break down the emulsion will definitely come up with a touch of additives and artificial flavors.

The exceptional thing which makes this product distinguished than other products in its ingredients is the inclusion of Chicory Inulin which is basically a root and it is highly exceptional to find it in other superfood formulations.

The product is free from any gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, shellfish, egg, fish, and peanuts while containing tree nuts. As the supplement is made from 100% natural ingredients, you may seem a slight difference in the taste and color than other supplements.

The foremost thing which makes this product highly commendable is the product which are the essence of 38 fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic enzyme elements, 7 digestive enzymes, all with no added sugar and glutens.

All the added organic fruits and vegetables enrich the taste buds and uplift the metabolism thus preventing the damages of inflammation. The top organic fruits added in the product are:

patriot power green

Apple: Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, and reduces the chances of cancer and diabetes,

Cranberry: Antioxidant, high dietary fiber, and improves the immune system,

Pomegranate: Source of vitamin C and fiber, and fight against inflammation,

Lemon: Helps in digestion and weight loss,

Blueberry: Source of vitamin K and good for heart,

Raspberry: Rich of antioxidants and fight against cancer and heart disease,

Strawberry: Source of fiber, manganese, potassium, and folic acid.

There are 30 more ingredients which make the drink superior than other energy drinks. The organic vegetables are:

Spinach: Source of vitamin K, A, C, and folate,

Beet: Good for HB, brain health, inflammation fighter, and weight loss,

Spirulina: Rich source of protein that helps in weight loss,

There are 10 probiotics added in the supplement. The topmost are:

B. lactic

L. rhamnosus

There are 7 digestive enzymes added in the supplement in which the topmost are:

Proteolytic Enzymes


Spirulina, seaweeds, and other ingredients offer concentration and better memorizing. These all ingredients make it a natural delicious drink.

3. How Does Patriot Power Greens Work?

As the drink is made of organic food items, it helps in stimulating the health and lowering down the inflammation from the body. By having patriot power greens on a regular basis, you unlikely seem body pain and ache.

The 1g of organic Spirulina (enriched anti-oxidant food) maintains the over the state of health, physical fitness, and optimize your health in the best manner.

All the alkaline fruits and vegetables are the main reason for losing weight which helps in the reduction of inflammation and makes you free from the problems caused by obesity. The weight gain due to chemical substances also recovered by the energetic drink.

It is always advisable to increase water intake during sunny days, hence the juices in patriot power green help in cleansing and detoxing the blood. The dark leaf vegetable and wheat-grass work for removing the clots in blood arteries.

Patriot power green is all an all a healthy, comprehensive blended drink made from a potent formula.

4. Patriot Power Greens Side Effects

When it comes in finding the side effects of your favorite drink then you may find it pretty difficult to search. In the case of Patriot Power Greens, the potential side effects – however not restricted to these – are:

It may cause flatulence if not suited,

It may cause nausea if not suited or over usage,

It may upset the stomach for irregular or excess use.

5. Patriot Power Greens Reviews & Complaints

It is highly unlike to not get negative reviews or complaints about any product related to its effectiveness. There is a long list of Patriot Power Greens reviews customers love to give which is a remarkable gesture for the product.

(a) Fight against Tiredness

It is the stimulator which helps in fighting the fatigue and gives new strength to your mood.

(b) Booster

It reduces fatigues by elevating energy level.

(c) No Mental Fog

The mental dizziness evaporates by the consumption of Patriot Power Greens.

(d) Boost Immune System

It uplifts the metabolism and helps to improve malfunctioning while boosting the immunity system.

(e) Reduces Pain

It helps in reducing the body pains, aches, and joints pain.

(f) Strengthen Weaker Cells

It is good for strengthening of weak cells and stimulating the production of the new cells.

(g) Control Diabetes

The rich minerals and proteins help in fighting back against diabetes and try to manage the balanced blood sugar level.

(h) Lower Aging

The proteins and vitamins are better skin which lowers down the aging.

(i) Weight Maintenance

It assists in promoting weight loss while maintaining overall health.

There are many complaints a normal product receives. But thankfully, the Patriot Power Greens is free from any bad complaints. Yet, there are minor ones by the customers towards the suppliers which are:

Late refund of the returned package,

Slow or late response from the customer care services,

The old and simple concept is still being followed with no advancements,

Overcharges or unexpected cuttings on payment through credit cards.

6. Packages, Prices & Where to Buy The packages are normal for the average layman who can easily purchase form any of the three packages described below: (a) 1 month supply costs $58.80 (exclusive of shipment charges), (b) 3 month supply costs $149.00 (inclusive of free shipping, free shaker bottle, and free health-related eBook), (c) 5 month supply costs $149.00 (which is the same as the three months package with free shipping, free shaker bottle, and two free health-related eBooks.)

Note: Get Patriot power green discount with a flat 50% off inclusive of 2 free bottles and 4 bonus gift.

There are many marketers who are selling the Patriot Power Greens products at their local stores. People always ask where to buy Patriot Power Green original products.

It is important to inform all the people that Patriot Power Greens is available through official website address only for the acts of buying and selling through online means.

If customers buy this product other than the official website then they are probably buying the fake products. Hence, it is always recommended to buy the original products from the original sources to get free from any fraud.

Note: The product is only available in the United States and Canada for the sale.

7. Refunds and Returns Policy

The best thing about any product is their policies which is actually the topping. The Patriot Power Greens’ manufacturers care about the customer and provide refund and return policy for the unsatisfied customers.

This policy is given to all customers at the time of buying the product. The company offers two kinds of policies which are:

(a) Money Back Guarantee

If any user does not get the benefits within 30 days then the company offers 200% money back guarantee under their refund policy. In this policy, the user has to give explanation and usage in a letter to potentially claim to get no benefit from the product.

(b) Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

In this return policy, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee for the unsatisfied customers. In this case, the customer does not need to write any letter.

8. Patriot Power Greens Pros & Cons

Patriot Power Greens reviews shed the notable pros and cons over the product which is disclosed here completely in order to give the full insights to the customers before purchasing the product.


One of the best amalgamations of probiotic enzymes which aid in improving the healthy lifestyle and improve the digestive system,

It is helpful to maintain a balanced cholesterol level,

It regulates the heart rate and normalizes blood pressure,

It is safe for diabetic patients as the product is free from the composition of sugar,

It includes no caffeine.


It is available in two countries only,

It is available through online sale only,

It has a low level of energy serving,

It is high priced for one month package.

9. Patriot Power Greens Review: Final Words

In the days of chaos, we all need something extra to maintain our healthy life. This all started with the inflammation which is the root cause of all issue leading to serious health problems.

With the increased intake of processed and acidic food, the body becomes vulnerable to new diseases.

In this despairing time, Patriot Power Greens gives you a helping hand by providing the best end-results. It not only kills the inflammation but also fights against all the potentials threats caused by it.

It not just normalizes the health but provides booster to the muscles as well. The green superfood powder gives you the organic energy drink which is good to taste, healthy for the body, and a fighter against diseases.

To get the best results and give your health a new starter, purchase the product now and avail Patriot Power Greens bonus.